Piotr Kulcenty Violins

Piotr Kulcenty's portrait

Piotr Kulcenty is a violin maker and restorer currently based in London, UK.

Piotr started making violins at the age of 14 in Poznań, Poland. He trained under the Krupa family, making instruments in the Italian tradition of the Cremonese masters.

In 2014, he achieved a Master's degree in Violin Making from the Academy of Music in Poznań, presenting a new violin and a thesis on Andrea Amati.

Since 2012, Piotr has worked as a violin maker and restorer in renowned workshops in Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. He currently holds a position as restorer and workshop manager at Stringers in London.

During the course of his career Piotr built over 30 instruments, mostly violins, and has set up and repaired hundreds of violins, violas and cellos.

In his spare time, Piotr works on long-term, big restoration projects and on making new violins, exploring different styles and varnishing techniques.

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